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10. Oktober 2014

East Side Gallery, Berlin

25 years of the Fall of the Wall on November 9th. Everybody is commemorating it in their own way.
So I went to the East Side Gallery in Berlin today... for some reason doing this the very first time taking time and my camera to visit this place transforming into a tourist and realising that this topic is more international than ever as probably every tourist is visiting the East Side Gallery as an obligatory part of their visit to Berlin. Nothing in Berlin is symbolising the dividing of the city and the country as much as the remainings of the wall and the Brandenburg Gate. The peaceful revolution without violence is the masterpiece of the German history. It is an inspiration to the rest of the world. The most wonderful political turn, right in the center of Europe that has caused so many tears of happiness and is producing such over and over again every time we watch the old documentaries. Freedom as a subject-matter is and will always be as prevailing than ever. We are looking at the world and are realising that peace is never a natural consequence. Peace is hard work. It is the absolutely most important challenge of a country. 

English tour 

The area behind the wall was called neverlands.

Right now someone is dreaming of living your life.

Place of one of the first open border crossings: Oberbaum bridge.

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