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11. November 2016

How To Exterminate The Fox Tapeworm In Your Area (E-Book)

It is the most dangerous parasite for humans in Europe and it exists in many countries in the northern hemisphere: the fox tapeworm causes the disease alveolar echinococcosis in humans and it is still spreading out. However, the disease is still rare and because of that, the politics in most countries will not fight the cause as the costs for prevention are too high. We can of course wait until scientific studies will hopefully bring better curative treatments in the future. Or we become active as citizens and conduct the prevention ourselves. You will learn how you can help in this e-book. In less than 50 pages you will also learn everything worth knowing about the fox tapeworm in a short and precise way.

You can purchase this e-book on Amazon --> How To Exterminate The Fox Tapeworm In Your Area by Anja Grabs

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